Kampung Digital Laweyan (Digital Urban Village Of Laweyan)

Kampung Digital Laweyan menyediakan rovides main facilities that support many creative activities such as equipments of making batik, vocational school, peralatan membantik, kelas vokasi, digital economy developing by DILO Solo. Standard facilities provided are internet access computer, library, praying room, parking area, meeting room, canteen, AC and toilet.
The main activities that held at Kampung Digital Laweyan are art and fashion exhibition/market, the development of digital economic that supported by many communities such as Forum Kampung Batik Laweyan and Yayasan SBC.

  • Address: Dr. Rajiman Street Number 521, Laweyan, Laweyan
  • Built year: 2014
  • Contact Person: Alfa Fabela
  • Phone: 082135609334
  • Accessibility:
    9 km from Adi Sumarmo Airport
    4,5 km from Balapan Rail Station
    4,5 km from Tirtonadi Bus Station
  • Capacity: 200 person