Javanese Burger: Kompyang

Solo is indeed endless about culinary. Solo, which is known for its culinary paradise, always provides a variety of cheap and mouth-watering foods, one of them is Kompyang or Kompia. Kompyang came from China which is now consumed by the wider community from various people.

Kompyang is a snack that looks like a burger. It is topped with a sprinkling of sesame seeds and has a dry texture with a savoury and salty taste. In its manufacture, this Kompyang bread does not use a mixture of sugar or butter, there is only a savoury taste when you first taste it.

The making process of kompyang is quite complicated and needs several steps, not as easy as making bread in general. The cooking equipment is also simple because it only uses a traditional stove and is heated using firewood. This means that not all producers can make Kompyang, which makes it very rare to be found in Solo.

Kompyang is usually served with a filling, namely pia-pia, a food similar to bakwan or bala-bala. Therefore, Kompyang is called the ‘Javanese burger’ because of the shape and composition of the filling, Kompyang as a bun and pia-pia as the filling. This traditional Solo culinary is better served as a breakfast in the morning. Kompyang will be more delicious if served with warm drinks such as a cup of tea or coffee. Kompyang can be found at Pasar Gede Solo or other markets in Solo.