Jamu, A Healthy Beverage with Rich of Benefits


Pasar Gede is the oldest traditional market and already became one of the historical landmark of Solo city, at the Pasar Gede you can find special beverages called jamu, or simply herbs if it were translated into english. Jamu is beverages made of spices and medicinal plant, which has many benefits to the body, like alleviates soreness, increasing body immunity, warm the body, and many more.

There are many variety of Jamu, for example Beras Kencur, Kunir Asem, Brotowali, Temulawak, and Uyup-uyup. Jamu are usually processed and served traditionally in liquid form that ready to drink which only last for 2/3 days, however at Pasar Gede, you can also find jamu in unprocessed form ready to brew, which could prolong the shelf life of jamu.