Jaladara Steam Train and its Sensation

The city of Solo has an active railway line that is aligned with Solo’s main road, Slamet Riyadi Street. The city’s central rail line connects Purwosari Station with Wonogiri Station. Still actively operating, the line is used by Railbus Bathara Kresna and Jaladara Steam Train. Bathara Kresna departs twice a day, while Jaladara is only at a certain moment.

The Jaladara Train is manned by the C1218 steam locomotive, which is a small locomotive used for horizontal routes. The loco pulled two original teak wood carriages made in 1920 with CR16 and CR144 code. The steam railway was an old German-built train in 1896 and shipped to Indonesia that same year by the Dutch East Indies Government as a means of short-distance transport.

The name of this train is taken from the name of the inheritance train that the gods gave to King Kresna to eradicate the crime. The resulting speed can reach 50 km/hour. The optimal capacity for the two carriages is 72 people. This train uses teak and water fuel to generate steam to move the locomotive. This locomotive at least requires four cubic meters of water and five cubic meters of wood for the distance Purwosari Station to Sangkrah Station. Two existing carriages have different seating arrangements. In the first car, his seat faced away from the train wall. While in the second car sit-plan resembles a modern train today.

Rates per person starting from Rp200.000 with offered route and stopover at the office of the Mayor of Solo, Loji Gandrung, Sriwedari Park, Kampong Batik Kauman, and Sangkrah Station. While in the train, visitors will get live music entertainment from Javanese Artists and serving traditional snack, tenongan and jamu.