Instagramic Photos At Bunker Solo City Hall

Sunlight breaks through the ventilation holes in the bunker of Solo City Hall, end of July 2018. The ray of light straight bouncing illuminating in the dark of underground buildings. The bright-dark shades create dramatic effects when framed in the camera screen. This bunker located in the corner of the Solo Mayor’s office, precisely under the Population and Civil Registration Office Building measuring 16 X 24 meters. Found in 2012, the restoration process cost up to Rp. 747.8 million. Now, the bunker has been opened to the public.

Based on research from archaeologists from Jogjakarta, the possibility of the bunker was built in the 1800s. The structure and characteristics of the building that emerged to indicate that the building was built during the Dutch colonial administration. Archaeologists estimate that the bunker is used to save money belonging to the Dutch Bank which is currently a representative of the Bank Indonesia Solo. Other estimates are as a location for defense or protection.

It is estimated that there are still other bunkers that have not been found so that a total of two bunkers are in the Solo City Hall complex.

Although the bunker is open to the public for free, the City Government of Solo will continue to beautify the bunker so that it can become a new tourist icon in the City of Bengawan. The arrangement includes the plan to build a gazebo, as well as the making of supporting ornaments such as army dioramas. A number of guards were deployed around the bunker to prevent vandalism from irresponsible people.