Indonesia Bank Museum

Indonesian Bank Museum
Jl. Ronggowarsito No. 2, Kp. New, Ps. Kliwon, Surakarta City, Central Java 57133

tel. (0271) 641837

Museum Bank Indonesia occupies a heritage building in European style, built in 1867 as the office for the De Javasche Bank Agentschap Soerakarta. Located on Jl. General Soedirman, this building stands near the main post office, Surakarta city hall, Vastenburg Fort and the new BI building. Plans to turn the building into a museum emerged in 2015, followed by a conservation phase and an auction for interior design services. The building has three floors and will function as a museum, consisting of a gallery, library and meeting rooms.

Here you will get a chance to see an antique money printing press and the architecture of the building, which is more than 100 years old. Like a museum, this building will also be a means for education and will complement other historical tourist sites in Surakarta. In it, you will see a large collection of currencies issued by De Javasche Bank, such as the wayang series of Dutch East Indies gules. Tourism in Surakarta has a large multiplier effect in boosting the regional economy. There is a promising tourism potential in Surakarta, especially in terms of history and culture. By the way, the exterior of this building was restored in 2012. Three years later, when the idea of ​​turning it into a museum became official, interior restoration was immediately carried out.