Holiday Stories 3 Days 2 Nights in Solo City from Rony Anwari

Revealing the Beauty of Art and Culture in the City of Solo “The Spirit of Java”
Hello, I’m Rony Anwari, a Travel Vlogger from Bandung. I never thought that I would set foot here. What the people of Solo say always makes me miss.

What people say, the city of Solo always holds deep memories

What people also say, the city of Solo always makes us love our own country more. And what did I do while visiting the city of Solo? this is my experience traveling in the city of Solo for 3 days 2 nights.

The Place for the First Time Stepping on the Land of the City of Solo
Welcome to Solo Balapan Station, this is the first entrance where I take a break to collect positive energy before starting to explore Solo City

Culinary Tengkleng Klewer Market That Makes Your Mouth Melt
For culinary and antidote to hunger, I decided to try the legendary food, Tengkleng Bu Edi, at Klewer Market. The right one is in the center of Solo City.

Abundant shopping results without a great fee
Of course, Klewer Market is my destination to buy souvenirs for my family at home. Because of the good quality of goods at an economical price.

Exploring the Magnificent Palace That Is Priceless
So, for historical tourism purposes, I decided to visit the Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace and Mangkunegaran Temple.

Sharpen the History of the Past Through Attractions That Make You Miss
Visiting the Keris Museum is certainly the right choice to add to my insight into the various heirlooms that were once owned by the ancestors of the Indonesian nation.

Comfortable Lodging To Lay Down
While in Solo, I decided to stay at one of the highest hotels in Solo, which is on Jl. Congratulations Riyadi.

The Beauty of Nature and Culture That Makes Indonesia Proud
Finally, I arrived to enjoy a tour in the city of Solo, which is very valuable for old age memories. Morning walk around the authentic Sriwedari Stadium with the feel of lush trees in the middle of a bustling city with vehicles.

Continue to visit the new icon of the city of Solo, namely the Tugu Keris Bridge which stands straight, followed by walking down the passage of time as if going back to the past by visiting the antique market, Pasar Triwindu Ngarsopuro.

Practical and Economical Travel Using Batik Solo Trans (BST)

In my opinion, this is transportation that is very helpful for tourists and residents of the city of Solo because it can reach tourist attractions around the city of Solo.

The Impression of a Tourist City in Memories of a Camera Lens
For me, I never imagined that visiting Solo would be enough to make me want to always be young. Yes, how could I not…

With the friendly culture of the people, supported by invaluable tourist objects, it makes me feel like it’s not enough if I’m only given three days to find more diamonds in terms of tourism and culture.

Hopefully one day I can come back to this city..Solo “The Spirit Of Java”.

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