Pasar Gedhe ( Gedhe Traditional Market)

Gedhe Market is a traditional market in Solo, located in the center of city, close to Pecinan Residence (Balong) and Avalokitesvara Vihara. The name of Gedhe was given because the market has a large roof. Gedhe market was built by a famous architect from Netherlands, Thomas Karsten. The architectural style of the market is combination between Javanese and Dutch style. Gedhe Market consists of two buildings that separated by Sudirman street. Despite undergoing several renovations, the original architecture of building is maintained.

Gedhe Market is recognized as heritage building after Klewer Market. The market sells many daily needs such as vegetables and fruits. Interesting things, Gedhe Market also sells many traditional food such as risol Solo, pastel, spring rolls, cabuk rambak, klepon, grontol, dawet telasih ice and herbs.

Until now, Gedhe Market’s always crowded by tourists or daily needs buyer. If you visit Solo, don’t forget visiting to Gedhe Market, the historical market. Eventhough, Some anual events are held in Gedhe Market, for example Grebeg Sudiroprajan (Chinese New Year Celebration).