Enjoy the Wayang Wong Performing Culture

When visiting Bengawan City, do not ever miss to watch the wayang performance at Sriwedari Wayang Orang (GWO) Building. As a City of Culture, Solo still routinely staged fine puppet shows in the 17th and 18th centuries. Paku Buwono (PB) X, initiated the puppet show for the general public at Balekambang Park, Sriwedari Park, and at the Night Market held in the square.

The players are not only among courtiers but also people outside the palace who have the talent to dance. The reception of extraordinary residents made the Wayang Orang Building permanent in Sriwedari Park or Bon Rojo in 1928-1930. The puppet show continued to experience the dim periods of entering the 1970s.

The onslaught of technology makes people no longer enjoy traditional puppet art performances. The number of viewers is decreasing. From the original hundreds, decreased to tens or even dozens. This famous show was then suspended. The magnificent building in its time slowly decayed.

Only in 2011, this building received attention from the government. Revitalization is carried out in order to preserve the noble Javanese culture. All staging support equipment is updated. Comfortable chairs and LCD to translate Javanese are held next to the stage.

Some of these puppet performers have been appointed as civil servants. Monthly salary and benefits are expected to spark their enthusiasm to continue to preserve traditional arts. At present, every visitor who wants to watch the performance of the puppet show every Monday-Saturday is only charged from IDR 5,000 entrance ticket. In addition, the audience can also observe the wayang preparations when dressing up before performing. Their activities when polishing their faces with colorful cosmetics can be a beautiful human interest photo.