Dalem Kalitan

Dalem Kalitan is a relic of Sunan Paku Buwono X which was given to his eldest daughter in 1874, Kanjeng Gusti Ratu Alit. For this reason, the house is known as Kalitan. Since the 1960s, the house was purchased and became a hereditary residence of KPH Soemoharjomo and Raden Ayu Hatmanti Hatmohoedojo, parents of Tien Soeharto, wife of the Second President of Indonesia, Suharto. Tien Soeharto’s parents are still relatives of Keraton Mangkunegaran.

After the two Tien Soeharto parents died, dalem Kalitan functioned as a family gathering place. The decades-old banyan tree in the front yard adds to the cool feel of the residence. The front page is often used by the community for activities, including selling.

For people who want to visit, they are obliged to be absent and leave their identity cards at the security office located to the right of the entrance. After that, visitors can enjoy part by the section of the Kalitan Palace. Dalem Kalitan consists of three parts. That is the pavilion, the middle room or pringgitan and senthong (sleeping room). First, the part of the pavilion which is open on all four sides is supported by four main pillar and other supporting pillars. At the end of the pavilion, there is an elegant entrance of teak wood with four doors, flanked by a photo of Soeharto on the right and Tien Soeharto on the left. While on the right-hand side of the wall is a second photo accompanied by 5 children and 4 in-laws. While on the left side there is a set of Javanese gamelan, which is neatly covered with a green cloth.

This pavilion is often the location of activities held by the Soeharto Family. Shifting to the room behind the hall, the living room, visitors can witness a number of collection objects, awards, and mementos from various parties for President Soeharto, as well as his wife. There is also a hero title certificate for Tien Soeharto which is framed and posted on the wall.

At present, the condition of Dalem Kalitan is still very well maintained. Just like Astana Giribangun, this place is also often visited by residents from various regions in the archipelago. In addition to its history, Dalem Kalitan has a number of rare trees, including sapodilla and kepel. According to one of the Dalem Kalitan guards, Soeharto’s sons still took the time to visit the Astana Giribangun pilgrimage. But the most frequent is Mamiek Soeharto who often stays.