Conjure Facades Into The Way Of Art

The big smile from the murals of President Joko Widodo’s face in a store building (Ruko) Jalan Gatot Subroto (Gatsu) in Solo stole the attention of anyone who passes by. The mural is one of the many visual artworks painted on shop facades. In addition to the murals of the Solo-born president, along with the Gatsu corridor, there is also a mural painting of Maestro Keroncong Indonesia, Gesang Martohartono. The famous musician through Bengawan Solo song is very attached as the icon of Solo City.

Furthermore, there are mural paintings with the theme of the oath of youth, the struggle for independence, the culture of today’s youth, popular culture and other murals depicted in 40 shop-houses along the road corridor. Broadly speaking, the murals raised the wealth of Solo. However, the mural is not originally made. The muralists first communicate with the shop owner. The goal is to equate the concept of painting mural made.

One of them is a mural in a clock shop in the form of the face of Peter Henlein, a German wristwatch inventor who dressed lurik. Another common theme is the artist’s phenomenal singer artist Nike Ardila, who is considered an icon of Indonesian women’s Pop music. There are also pictures of Kurt Cobain, vocalist of the bands Nirvana and Jimmy Hendrix. The figure of Jean Basquiat, New York street painter who became an icon of graffiti art mural also present in this place. Not spared, the graceful woman who was batik emblazoned among the famous icon.

Since October 2017, the formerly deserted area is now buoyant with the activity of young people. They capture images among the mural while enjoying the night atmosphere of Bengawan City. In addition to traveling, they can also learn the spirit of the mural of the figure of Youth Pledge, such as Mohammad Yamin and Sugondo Joyopuspito. Or can walk a little toward Jl. Slamet Riyadi, to see the murals Minister of Fisheries and Marine, Susi Pujiastuti who fight pirates.