Blangkon is the one of typical Javanese Traditional clothing which is use for headgear for male as a head protector from the heat of the sun or cold air. Originally made from Iket Fabric or Udeng which has a square shape of four squares, measuring approximately 105 cm x 105 cm. Fabric that folded into a triangle and wrapped around the head in certain ways and rules. Wearing Iket with all of the rules turns out to be not easy and takes a long time. Because of that come up the art for making headgear which is more practical, that we know as Blangkon.

Once upon a time, blangkon only made by Palace Artist with pakem (rules) the standard one. Like Keris and Batik. Blangkon that made to fulfil the standard, then the blangkon will be the one of higher value.

According to Ranggajati, someone who makes blangkon need virtuso skill or beauty skills. The beauty of blangkon, continued Ranggajati, besides from fulfilling the standard also seen from Social taste. Moreover, the standard of blangkon must not only be obeyed by the maker, but also the wearers.