Batik Museum Of Danar Hadi

H. Santosa Doellah’s wishes (an entrepreneur in Solo) to preserve batik, trigger the idea of building  a batik museum. Its name is Batik Museum of Danar Hadi, located on main street, Slamet Riyadi street. Batik Museum of Danar Hadi that was built in 1967 presents collection of the best batiks from many areas such as from palace, China, Hokokai Javanese (batik which influenced by Japanese culture), Pekalongan, Lasem and Kudus, Sumater, etc. This museum has batik collection about 1000 pieces and has been recognized by MURI as museum with the largest batik collection. In the museum, you can see the process of making batik eventhough you can learn how to make batik in making batik workshop.

In addition, you also can enjoy building with Javanese architectur beside the museum. Its name is Ndalem Wuryaningratan. In earlier time, Ndalem Wuryaningratan is Prince Wuryaningratan’s house, son in law of Susuhan Pakubuwono X. Ndalem Wuryaningratan was built with noble residence concept, influenced by Europe architecture. In 1977, H.Santosa Doellah, owner of Danar Hadi bought the house and made them as House of Danar Hadi with orginal architecture.