Bambangan Cakil Dance

Bambangan Cakil is a traditional dance from Surakarta taken from Wayang Mahabarata (puppet) story. The type of dance  is Wireng, because the type of the dance without dialoque or ballet. The scene adoption from Perang Kembang tell the war of warrior and giant.

The dance is one of classic dance in Central Java, especially in Surakarta city. This Bambangan Cakil dance tell the war between kindness and wickedness.  The kindness character on cast show gentle movement while wickedness show rude and violent movement. The cast of puppet for this dance are Arjuna as a warrior and Cakil as a giant.

Bambangan word refers to Pandawa family warriors such as Arjuna/Janaka, Angkawijaya/Abimanyu, dll. The philosophy of this dance is wickedness lose with kindness.