Back Again To Solo After A Long Time

Finally we returned to the city of Solo from 28 to 30 December 2020. We stayed at the SalaView hotel, a hotel with the privilege of a swimming pool which is located on the top of the building next to a cafe. The first day we arrived late at night, the first night we enjoyed culinary at ‘Wedangan Mbah Wiryo’, about 200m from the hotel. The lively atmosphere of the stall makes us even more curious to enjoy the menu offerings, and what is very appetizing, there is a hot drink combined with sticky tape here which we have never encountered before.

The next day we visited 2 tourist attractions, the first was De Tjolomadoe in the Karanganyar area, a tourist destination with a museum concept that was previously a sugar factory, a historic building that was founded in 1861 which is now used as an interesting educational tour. The old machines used in the manufacture of sugar in their era, combined with educational rides, make it a must-visit tourist attraction.

About 4km from De Tjolomadoe, we arrived at a destination that is no less interesting called ‘The Heritage Palace’, this object was also a sugar factory that was founded in 1892, since 2018 it has been transformed into a European-style tour, besides offering a classic feel, The Heritage offers really cool photo spots accompanied by a collection of various antique vehicles. After touring the first day in Solo, we returned to the hotel to refresh ourselves in the rooftop swimming pool while enjoying the night atmosphere of Solo from a height.

The next day, we enjoyed the morning of the city of Solo, by jogging along the city streets and around the splendor of the Manahan stadium, the pride of the people of Solo. It didn’t feel like we were enjoying 15km this morning, the fresh air and cleanliness of the city made us excited. Today we visited the city’s important icon, the Surakarta Palace and the legendary Klewer market. After breakfast at the hotel, we headed to the palace. Our vehicle is parked in the parking lot at the front of the palace, this location is strategically close to the Klewer market. Towards the palace museum we use a rickshaw, the breeze accompanies us along the corner of the palace environment.

Different nuances are presented when walking through room after room of the palace museum, historical cultural relics are neatly arranged while telling stories of past glories, advice and stories from the Abdi Dalem who are on duty it is a shame to miss. We again took a pedicab to go to the Klewer market, a legendary market which has now become more modern and neatly arranged. We bought some clothes and sarongs with batik motifs as memories. We end the tour in the city of Solo to continue our journey to the city of Yogyakarta. A beautiful memory that we will repeat in the future. We have captured some of the memories in a YouTube content on the ‘Papadido’ channel, thank you Solo for your charm.

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