Derap Jati Diri Dance, Opens the 275th Anniversary Ceremony of Solo City

Monday 17 February 2020, Solo is even 275 years old and is celebrated with a ceremony at the Sriwedari Stadium.

The 275th anniversary ceremony of Solo was opened with the dance “Derap Jati Diri” which has meaning as a step towards the ideals with the spirit of advancing the Solo City. This anniversary raised the theme “Unggul Budhayane, Sejahtera Wargane.” The theme means that may Solo is increasingly comfortable, superior in culture and more prosperous for its citizens.

Reminding the past journey, The Mataram Palace in Kartasura was destroyed after the rebellion of RM Garendi. After the rebellion was quelled, the king decided to move the palace. The transfer of the power from Kartasura to Solo, which was named Surakarta on February 17, 1745, was made a milestone for the anniversary of Surakarta.

Paku Buwono II along with figures such as Ki Gede Sala, Prince Mijil, Tumenggung Honggowongso and Captain Baron Van Hohendorf did not remain silent. Finally, together with the people carried out “boyongan” (moving) the palace to Sala Village as the new place of government. The people worked together without looking at the group establishing the Keraton Surakarta. The people live in peace and prosperity.

The peak event of the 275th anniversary of Solo city will be closed with a Colossal Opera Performance “Boyong Kedaton” which will be held on February 22, 2020 in the City Hall of Surakarta.