Commemoration of National Batik Day 2021

Commemoration of National Batik Day 2021. Srawung Batik Nusantara was present and enlivened National Batik Day 2021 on Sunday (3/10/21) in Laweyan, Surakarta.

Srawung Batik Nusantara presents several activities that become a forum for batik actors to tell the history of the journey of the world of batik that can educate people.

These activities include: Laweyan batik tales, the practice of dyeing batik cloth, making batik doll necklaces, talk show “Kisah Batik Laweyan”, making batik stamps, and dance performance “Batik Shadow”. Not only these activities, the Latar Jembar Orchestra also enlivened the 2021 National Batik Day.

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