Commemorating the 2563 BE Waisaka Puja Raya, Dharma Sundara Temple Surakarta Holds Praptaning Pratima Performance

Saturday (05/15/2019) Dharma Sundara Temple Surakarta in commemorating 2563 BE Waisaka Puja Raya held a Praptaning Pratima Cultural Art Show. The show was hosted by Nasa Dance, choreographer Arma Dwipa Setya Dharma, S.Sn and Oky Bima Reza Afrita, with music composer Anon Suneka, M.SN. Also present Vice Mayor of Surakarta, Ahmad Purnomo and Buddhist leader Y.M. Bhikksu Pannavaro Mahathera, Y.M. Bhikksu Santacitto, Y.M. BhikksuSancasillo.

In this praptaning pratima event, it was interpreted as Sinar Dharma through the haze of very long hopes and waiting, when the jewel of the heart “Dharma Sundara” appeared in Solo Raya. Barin who silence through the silent when the throne was burning. Holy puja become a bakti mulia to welcome the Praptaning Pratima. Buddhang Sarana Gacchami.

In this event Ahmad Purnomo in his speech invited the community to respect and maintain plurality, tolerance and proportional cooperation between religions, because these matters able to help us to develop our potential and excellence. He also said “Let’s enhance the practice of religion and the approach our love to God, by having a love for God we will do religion practice sincerely, and wholeheartedly, and this will have an impact on love to good values in life, love to others, love to peace, love to the environment, and fight together to the improvement of people’s welfare, “.