Brajadenta Mbalela Art Puppet Show

The art puppet show was held again in the Pendhapi Gedhe  Sala Balaikota Surakarta  on Saturday, June 22, 2019, with the play of Brajadenta Mbalela. This puppet show was sung by KI Widodo S, Sn (Banyuanyar), KI Pujiono, S, Sn and supported by the family karawitan of the ISI Surakarta Pedestrian Department.

This event was seen by many people and visitors who were enjoying the evenings with family and loved ones in the city of Solo. Also present were Surakarta Deputy Mayor Ahmad Purnomo and Javanese Diaspora Network participants “Javanese descendants spread across various countries”.

On this occasion Javanese descendants from New Caledonia presented angklung vibrations.

Held by coinciding on the night of the week to make many people to visit the people’s entertainment along with family and best friend, this monthly event will be back to be able to be found on the next month and which certainly brings more interesting plays.