Arjasura Enlivens Langen Beksan Nemlikuran

(Wednesday 26/06/2019) Surakarta Vocational High School 8 back to hold the monthly event “Langen Beksan Nemlikuran” the event will be held on the 26th of every month. In the occasion of Langen Beksan Nemlikuran presented by Arjasura Studio, the performance is presented by Arek Jawa Timur (East Java People) in Surakarta, there are dance such as:

  1. Ngremo Dance
  2. Topeng Bapang Dance
  3. Beskalan Dance
  4. Gambuh Dance
  5. Selap Dance
  6. Cunduk Menur Dance
  7. Paju Gandrung Dance

This event is free of charge for the audience and it also can be one of your reference lists when you visit the lovely Solo City.

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