1001 Dancers of Aceh-Solo Dance Collaboration, Entertain Solo Citizen

Sunday (2/01/2020), At the Pendhapi Gedhe, the City Hall of Surakarta held 1001 Mass Dancers of Solo Raya.

Sanggar Aneuk Naggroe Nusantara (Sansa) as the organizer of this event took thousands of dancers throughout the Solo surrounding ranging from junior high schools, senior high schools, colleges, and policewomen in Solo.

The theme of this performance was “Peusaboh Hatee Wareh Syedara”. Nusantara dances was in the form of theater and colossal performances that combine Javanese-Aceh dances. From Aceh brought Ratoh Jaroe Dance, Ratoh Bantai Dance, and Seudati Dance and from Java brought Javanese theater.

The Ratoh Jaroe dance performance, which was performed by 1001 dancers from Solo Raya, received an amazing appreciation from the people whom shown by the tightness of the audience that day. Surakarta Mayor, FX Hadi Rudiatmo, who opened the event said that he was very proud to be able to present Aceh dance which was played by various elements of the Solo community.

“This is an expression of art or culture to advance Surakarta City as a plural city, with a diverse population so that with this art and culture people can respect each other regardless of religious ethnicity and class”, said FX Hadi Rudiatmo at the opening of 1001 Dancers of Aceh-Solo Dance Collaboration.