The 2019 Ketoprak Surakarta Festival Carries The Theme “Ndudhah Surakarta”

The Surakarta Ketoprak Festival (FKS) performance with the theme “Ndudhah Surakarta” entertained Solo residents who spent the night at the ISI Surakarta Large Theater Building (6/7/2019). FKS has entered the 9th year which was attended by representatives from each sub-district in the city of Surakarta.


This event was held for 2 days, 6-7 July 2019 and was followed from 5 sub-districts by playing different roles, Jebres sub-district with the Chinatown play, Laweyan sub-district with BedhahKartosura, Serengan sub-district with BoyongKedhaton, PasarKliwon sub-district with Giyanti Agreement, Banjarsari sub-district with Raden Mas Said or Pangeran Sambernyowo.


The meaning and purpose of organizing this activity were conveyed by the Head of the Culture Office KinkinSultanul Hakim. He said that the theme of Ndhudhah Surakarta contained the long history of the city of Surakarta that began with a success and failure because history not only tells about success but also failure. “The establishment of BentengVastenburg, Surakarta Palace is a form of history that tells the story of failure which of course we will use to face a better future,” he said.


On this occasion also, the Mayor of Surakarta FX. HadiRudyatmo stressed that ketoprak is not a myth. But in order to open the eyes of the heart in the framework of the cultural and artistic uri of Surakarta City which is full of extraordinary history.


“Puppet people and ketoprak are not myths, but contain the history of the Indonesian nation, before the independence of puppet people and ketoprak already existed. Let’s together realize solo as a city of culture with a sane, wasis, wareg, established and board community. Hopefully what changes is only time, not our view of addressing the art and culture of the Indonesian nation, “explained the Mayor.


The ketoprak festival opens with the marked kentongan beating by the Mayor of Surakarta.