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Solo At A Glance

Before you visit Solo, here are a few facts about Solo.

Where is Solo?
Solo is located in Central Java-Indonesia; 1 hour from Bali, 1 hour from Jakarta by air, 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur, 1,5 hours from Singapore, or 8 hours from Jakarta by train. Solo also able to reach via Yogya around 1 hour with commuter trains.

Solo has an international gateways and could be accessed directly from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. It could be accessed from Bali via Yogya and Jakarta.

Solo city has a population of about 500,000 inhabitants. Its known as one of the core of Javanese culture that traditionally is one of the political center and the development of Javanese tradition. The prosperity of this region since the 19th century, encouraging the development of JavaElanguage literature, dance, culinary arts, fashion, architecture, and various other cultural expressions.

The language used in Solo is a dialect of Javanese Mataraman (Middle Javanese) with a variant of Surakarta. Dialect Mataraman or Middle Javanese is also spoken in the region of Yogyakarta, east Magelang, Semarang, Pati, Madiun, until most of Kediri. However, the local variant of Surakarta is known as “soft variant” because the use of words in the widespread conduct everyday conversation, more extensive than in other places. Official language in Solo is Bahasa.

Solo has an equatorial climate which is warm and humid all year round. The temperature averages around 28 degrees Celsius daily, with abundant rainfall during the monsoon seasons from December to March.