IMF 2019 Raises the Theme of Soul of the Mask

Located at the Surakarta City Hall GedhePendhapi, the 2019 International Mask Festival (IMF) enlivened the night of the citizens of Solo with a number of dance performances (6/07/2019).

The International Mask Festival (IMF) is an annual international event that carries the concept of mask art performances and mask craft exhibitions. IMF 2019 raised the theme of Soul of the Mask (Soul of the Mask).

IrawatiKusumorasri as chairman of the 2019 IMF committee outlining the mask is one as a visual work, its presence always brings with it a beautiful mystery, about its history, about its shape and appearance, or about the narratives of the age it has marked, the mask is the beauty of the extraordinary world. The spirit of the beauty of the mask will grow and give life to the people now, from the city of Solo to the country of Indonesia, and then will form in various countries in the world.

“The Mask Festifal International Performance is also the implementation of the spirit of 3 WMP as the philosophy of the development of the city of Surakarta, that this performance will cheer up the spirits of people who are Sane, Wasis, Wareg, Established, and Board” she said.

Mayor of Surakarta FX. HadiRudyatmoIn his speech, HadiRudyatmo conveyed that the community must be able to distinguish art and culture from belief, such as the barong barong that had been displayed was the barong art that had to be preserved so that other countries could not take it. Especially for parents “Encourage children to love art because art is part of building human character,” said the Mayor.