The Enchantment Of Oemah Bamboo Merapi

Oemah Bamboo Merapi is one of destination at the ramp of Mount Merapi, Boyolali, Central Java. The location is right next to the New Selo, which became the gate to climb the most active volcano in Indonesia. From Solo City, the journey takes one hour across the Solo-Selo-Borobudur line. Along the way, you will find a stretch of vegetable plantations, such as cabbage, mustard greens, broccoli, and red peppers, and some tobacco. Oemah Bamboo has dozens of interesting bamboo installations. Entrance tickets are set at Rp10.000 per person and you are free to explore each section and take pictures in between.


There are towers, alleys, open roof bars, gazebo, and viewing deck. From the bamboo installation row, the six-meter-tall tower became the most visitors favor. To reach the highest peak, you need to go up four levels. The peak tower only has four people capacity so you need to queue up before climbing to the highest deck. But, don’t worry. In order to maintain security, the manager settles a net between the towers.



The most worthy moment to visit Oemah Bamboo is at dawn and dusk. During the blue hour, you can experience the magnificence of God’s canvas from a height. Especially while sunny days, visitors could sight the seven mountain panorama, starting from the nearest, Merapi-Merbabu. Then, Mount Lawu, Mount Sundoro-Sumbing, and Mount Telomoyo and Mount Slamet.

Unfortunately, you have to race with the day if you want to savor that charm. When the weather is not too good, the white mist will surround the Oemah Bamboo. Sometimes, the rain went down hiding its grace.


On the weekend, in addition to gazing at the beauty of nature in this place, you can also taste the wild arabica coffee from Lencoh Village which is already recognized. Imagine, tasting the warmth of coffee at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level. Through their official website, the administrator said that Oemah Bamboo Merapi is a collaboration between coffee, friends, and nature. They are eager to provide a different cup of coffee.

“Where you can enjoy a cup of hot coffee with a phenomenal mountain background in Indonesia. You can comfortably discuss with friends, talk about love, ideals, and the future. You can also listen to wild bird chirps that fly freely without being shackled, breathing the fresh air away from contamination. “